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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Editing (using clone tool)

Hey friends! 
Today i am posting a new trick of editing (using clone tool in picsart).by this you will make your picture a new and diffrent look.

This trick has given by umer qureshi,he has requested me for post this trick in blog.

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Used app-picsart

Steps are as follows:-

Step 1.- open image 
(Tap on edit and select tje image which you would like to use)

Step 2.-open clone tool
(Tap on tool and select clone)

Step 3.-select area to clone
(Drag the circle to area that you wany to clone and remove your fjnger from the screen)

Step 4.- clone and confirm.
(Use your finger to apply the clone on the part of image that you want to disappear .if you accendietly clone a part of image that you doesnt want, simple switch to erase mode and erase the part that you dont want)

Step 5.- open crop tool
(Tap on tool and select crope)

Step 6.- crop image
( select the part of your image that you want to crope tap on check mark and atlast save you image.)

Enjoy your self .

And copy the link and share ..